PRO PORTRAIT: Photographer Rob Woodcox Tells Imaginative Stories with Purpose

Rob Woodcox says his photography tells stories and is filled with purposeful lessons to be learned.  “I approach every piece with a concept in mind that matters to me.  I am a strong believer that we all have an opportunity to make waves of difference on our society and the world.  My hope is that people will see their own purpose and discover their own inspirations through my work, driving them to do more than just exist or get by.”

Rob has been telling stories through his imagination since he was very young. Forest adventures, building sandcastles and roaming the streets on his bike–he always viewed everything as if he were a character in a story.  Treehouses became secret fortresses, and snowy igloos were his battleground. “As I grew up, I had a choice to make: let that childhood imagination die, or continue to capture its beauty.” He clearly sees photography as an opportunity to tell story, and his subjects as characters acting out different roles in front of the camera.

Rob is currently inspired by the idea of escaping into the wilderness; “I believe people were once more at peace and lived healthy lives amongst the natural beauty of the Earth.  I often joke that I am going to build a hobbit home amidst a forest one day, but it really isn’t a joke, I truly want to do just that!  I expect a lot of my pieces to be inspired by these ideas this summer.”

And we’ll be on the lookout for those imaginative tales.

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