PRO PORTRAIT: Photographer Robby Cavanaugh transcends the reality we all see, to the reality we all feel.

Robby Cavanaugh first started with traditional artwork such as drawing, and painting, He enjoyed the freedom to create from nothing, and to manipulate art. At first he saw photography as a “cheap art form.” He used to think it required no talent and that anyone with a camera could create art. However, being obsessed with realism, Robby came around and saw the opportunity with photography to combine the freedom of traditional art, with the reality of capturing something real—in life.

“It is my goal with photography to transcend the reality we all see, into the reality we all feel. Expressing the feelings we all experience into a tangible form, a photograph. That is where I currently am, and will stay!” 

Robby is a 25 year-old self-taught photographer based in Southern California. In only the first three years of working as a fine art photographer, Robby has been recognized internationally, and his work has won him numerous international awards and publications.

Robby says his work focuses on solving the conflicts within himself. “It is how I am able to have closure with something inside myself that bothers me. That can reflect into my photographs with a lot of different themes and variety.”

In fact, Robby is obsessed with creating a reality other than the one he currently exists in. “I am obsessed with creating imagery that solves how I feel about something. And I am obsessed with transcending the artificial limits I place on myself, or photography. If you can think of an idea, it can be done.” Period.

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