PRO PORTRAIT: Photography is not Jacob Price’s Career Choice—it’s An Emotion.

There are those who have a passion for art and the creative professions. Many say they are draw to photography, art, music or design. Others say they craft bubbles up inside them—and can’t be denied. And there are those who are saved by their art.

Jacob Price was raised in a small town called Johnsburg, Illinois—about an hour outside of Chicago. He says he never liked Johnsburg. “It's flat, boring, and depressing.” For Jacob, he needed to break free from the life he saw growing up, by making a name for himself and “show everyone here that there is a way out.”

Jacob’s passion for photography comes from his personal need and longing to express his feelings in a way he can visually see and others can interpret. “For most people photography is expressed in two ways,” says Jacob, “The longing to create, and the longing to express. I struggle to create but when it comes to expressing I can knock it out of the park. My best work (as you'll see) is created when I’m heartbroken, depressed, or border-line suicidal.”

He says that photography is not his career choice—it’s another emotion to him. “Photography has made me both fall in love and break my heart. The thing that makes me the happiest can also make me the saddest but without photography my life would be pointless.” 

Jacob says that while growing up, he never felt like he was working towards something, and that even now he still struggles with the need to be efficient in life.

“My goals are never to be famous or popular or even rich, my goal in life is to be happy. My entire life I've struggled with heartbreak and recently severe depression. After a severe accident to my face I've had low self-confidence if any at all. I've never felt like I belong anywhere, and I'm searching for my home. Both in location and in heart.”

Photography has given Jacob optimism and opportunities. “I've traveled the country, met my best friends, and am soon moving to the west coast because of it.”

He says he is inspired by his friends and fellow photographers. In particular,  Kyle Thompson and Lissy Elle. “Both very personal friends of mine. Again, not only inspiring because of photography, but inspiring because they constantly amaze me with how amazing people can be and how there is still good in the world. Their mind-blowing work is just an added bonus.”

But he says his biggest inspiration in life is Spiderman. “I've been in love with the character of Spiderman my entire life. I know you were looking for more of a photographer / artist but in life, Spider-man is my biggest inspiration. He has two personalities, two faces, two lives. When feeling low as Peter Parker, he gets to become something great as Spiderman. I strive to become something great. Peter Parker vs. Spiderman is how I feel in real life.” 

Jacob says that he has a big heart, heavy emotions, and can “carry the weight of my own personal hatred on my shoulders every single day.” He says the thing that keeps him going is the fact that one day he knows he'll be happy, with his friends, and in love. “But until then, enjoy the show.”

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