PRO-PORTRAIT: Roem Baur is saying what he needs to say in his music

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And now a year later, at the same SXSW festival where he premiered music from The Thief, Roem will introduce audiences to his next record concept—closer to his heart, and more powerful for it. This time he is the driving force behind the record, and his true passions and voice will be coming through even stronger than in his first record.

Roem has found some bit of truth that was very affirming, and raised his confidence as he now takes on his next project.  He’s more confident in just letting things happen as they will. “When I listen to great soul singers, like the late Etta James for example, I just listen to her sing a simple line, and there’s truth and brokenness, it’s internal. There is anger, triumph--everything. There is a complete story happening in every line. That’s a lesson for me.”

The lesson, of course, is to be much more true to that moment, and his next record is reflecting that teaching. He describes it as “like putting the pedal to the metal compared to the last one,” reflecting a true self in his music.

Recently, he recorded some of his new music live, at the legendary jazz club, Yoshi’s, and recorded a video of the event (see below). “It’s going to be a big vocal record, I’m really playing with a band in the first time in a while, and I’m really excited about that. Getting The Thief out was a fantastic first step towards making the next record. It’s going to be night and day. It’s going be two sides of the same artist. I’m really excited.”

Roem says his record will have a bit of Motown, and will have a live performance energy—“I think that might be my thing.”

Roem will be performing at five live shows during SXSW including a shared bill at the official SXSW party alongside his friend, and contestant on NBC’s singing competition “The Voice” Tony Lucca--a show that T-Mobile and Chevy are sponsoring. Then he’s moving from the Hollywood glitz and glamour stage to a soup kitchen, performing for the real people who live in Austin. SXSW is a very self-accomplished deal, but to get an opportunity to give back is amazing. I’m just as excited about the soup kitchen show as I am about the other one.”

We’re excited to hear more of this powerful, soul-driven voice as he says what he needs to say in his music.

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Video courtesy of Washburn Imagery

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