PRO PORTRAIT: The Many Animals of Artist Stella Maria Baer

Stella Maria Baer was born in Santa Cruz, California, and grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her artistic endeavors began about eight years ago, “Everyone in my family has an animal nickname, and I made a portrait of my mom as a zebra and my dad as a possum for my father’s birthday.  Then I painted my brother as an otter, and a friend as a rabbit.  At the time I didn't think these paintings were going to be seen by anyone other than my family and friends.  After a few years I moved away from portraiture and started drawing more from my own imagination.”

Stella is an artist who works primarily in watercolors, but occasionally in oils, ink, and in paper-cuts.  In the past year she’s been experimenting with photography and sculpture. “Right now I'm obsessed with a particular shade of green – a milky green.  My husband Seth and I painted our kitchen counter this color a few years ago, after we received some jadeite glass saltshakers and nesting bowls as wedding gifts.  The color has made its way onto my nails, into my wardrobe, and into my paintings.  It's the same color as some succulents and cacti, and a particular shade of turquoise found in New Mexico.  I’m also really loving the music of Holy Farmers, a folk duo in Sweden that I find haunting and hopeful.”

the bear and the canoe

the giraffe and the zebra fly into the storm

the racoon and the llama

the minke and the stag

the parachute dog



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