PRO PORTRAIT: The Very Funny and Inappropriate Photographer Marwane Pallas

Marwane Pallas says he was raised in the French countryside by multicultural parents, Tim Burton and old BBC television shows. He describes himself as a self-taught fine art photographer and plastician. “I'm specialized in conceptual self-portraiture & mixed media art, and right now I'm working on making my parents proud." His work is very funny and often times inappropriate—a little like his personality. 

Photography, he says, is “…the closest thing to cinema that I could do on my own without bothering anyone.”

Marwane says he doesn’t see himself taking photos. “I ‘make pictures’". His work is a blend of photography and drawing. “I can sometime be colorful and funny (like the images I chose for this article) and some other times I'm darker. I really like the adjective “pictorial”, there is a very important link between painting and photography in my art.”

His mind is filled with movies and renaissance art as well as Old Monty Python's Flying Circus sketches. “I'm probably not the first one in that case, but I really acknowledge it has an influence on my art because I really want my photography to be fun, at least for me during my shooting, and eventually for the viewer too.

Marwane would like to move into the world of fashion photography. “I want to work with other creative minds and fashion could also allow me to keep my visual universe and play with it.” He’s also starting a new series of very personal photos about "violence and group" which he calls "Brothers."

We were foolish enough to ask Marwane if he had any secrets—"I once hit a guy on a bike with my parents' car and I didn't stop. Will this be published?"


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