PRO PORTRAIT: This is a Translated Version of What is Going on Inside Brendon Burton’s Mind.

Brendon Burton has always been obsessed with collecting memories. Over the years he has collected hundreds of little items, each with a special story behind them. He says he has an urge to document my life, in every situation. 

Brendon says that his work is like a diary, so it seems only natural that most of his work are self-portraits. “There are high moments in my life where my work becomes brighter and the concepts have positivity, and the moments of sadness are just as apparent. My work is a translated version of what is going on inside my mind.” 

Currently what’s in his head (and in his work) are post apocalyptic themes and the concept of alternative timelines. “I love creating imagery that has a vaguely nostalgic feel without being overpowering.” 

The University of Oregon student says that “You should know that I am both confused and fascinated by life and other people. I don't think I will ever figure it out, but I think photography is a great tool for me to experiment with. I know I will be taking pictures for the rest of my life.” 

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