Ronald Reagan and the Eco-Friendly GE Showcase House of 1956.

Ronald Reagan was hired by the General Electric Company (GE) in 1954 as a spokesperson. He hosted the General Electric Theater on television, and from 1954 until 1962 toured the country and GE’s manufacturing facilities scattered across the states.

GE was the American company that most exemplified the futurist dreams of the post WWII industrial age. At Disneyland, it was GE’s Carousel of Progress which from from 1967 until 1973 highlighted the nostalgia and futuristic joys of living the age of constant mechanical invention.

In 1956 Ronald and Nancy Reagan moved into a General Electric Showcase House in Los Angeles’ Pacific Palisades neighborhood. They owned the futuristic, and environmentally conscious home until Reagan left for another home—albeit less modern, at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C. 

Designed by architect William R. Stephenson, the 4,764 sq. ft. home was unique for the times in its energy-saving devices to control temperature, heat, and light--both inside and out. GE’s verision of the home of the future featured every 'electric gadget' imaginable. The 4 bed, 4 bath house is now on the market for just under $5 million, giving us an opportunity to peak inside the home of the future, circa 1956.

Source (and more photos): Curbed LA and Palasidian Post

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