“Room 237” Opens the Dark Secrets of Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”

Stanley Kubrick’s iconic horror film “The Shining” was released in May 1980. And now, more than 30 years later, we are still talking about it, quoting lines from it, being frightened by it, and wondering what it all meant. 

Yes, Stephen King’s story line was frightening and complicated, but it was Kubrick’s jump cuts and shock images that scare us, and keep the 30+ year old conversation about the film going.

And now, thanks to the new documentary film “Room 237” which debuted at Sundance last year and IFC Films, we can view a film dedicated to the many theories surrounding the making of Stanley Kubrick’s epic film. “Room 237” was directed by a “Kubrick obsessive” named Rodney Ascher and proposes in the film that many elements of the film hide important and, in some cases, truly dark meanings.  

Check out the trailer below, buy a movie poster here and screening schedule here.

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