Seeing the Full Picture: “Think Invisible” Posters Test Our Ability to See What’s not There.

Our brains have an amazing capacity to piece images together to form a complete picture. Brand strategist Martin Lindstrom speaks of “smashing” your brand—looking for the core colors, typefaces, and components of a brand that consumer’s minds identify with, even before they see your logo. We see things in full, even when it’s not actually there. Another example of how the brain works in this way is brought to us by Hungarian graphic designers Adri Bodor and Mark Szulyovszky who have created a collection of posters that uses peeks at images in order to give our brain’s clues as to the full picture. 

Titled ‘Think Invisible’, the posters show popular characters or figures with only the important details shown within a circle—while other details remain hidden.

Number One (answer below)

Number Two (answer below)

Number Three (answer below)

Number Four (answer below)

Number Five (answer below)


  1. Apple
  2. James Bond
  3. Coliseum
  4. Yellow Submarine
  5. Scooby Doo
Primary image is "Elmo"

See the whole archive here




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