Silicone Leaf Plates.

I’ve recently moved into a house in San Francisco and living in this City, that’s kind of a rarity, so my roommates and I have been working on gardening and beautifying the backyard which had been ravaged by the previous tenants and their three pitt bulls. And you can bet these Silicone leaf plates will be serving up food in our backyard this summer. Perfect for kebabs or appetizers.

Inspired by Japanese culture, nature, and superior design, designer Nao Tamura creates some incredible pieces of work, and if you haven't heard of her yet be sure to check out some of her designs like her Fawn Space Suit or the silicone satellite Alight.

Made from food-safe silicone, and dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. Available in a set of 4 from the MoMA Store, every leaf is unique in shape and color. My summer must-have.

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