Snackable Design: The Movable Book of Letterforms.

Kevin Steele is a Graphic Designer and Book Artist. Yes, Book Artist. In 2010, Steele received the Best of Show award at Pop-Up Now!, sponsored by the Movable Book Society, for his pop-up book The Movable Book of Letterforms.

"While children’s pop up books are a familiar format today, moveable books have a long history of use. Designers as far back as the twelfth century have used paper engineering to provide movement and dimension to better explain complex ideas in astronomy, medicine, math, and other disciplines.

In The Moveable Book of Letterforms Steele uses a pop-up book to demonstrate how the format of moveable books can educate and create visual impact for audiences of all ages.

The Moveable Book of Letterforms is focused on letterforms, their origins, and unique characteristics. “Type plays a fundamental role in the communication process as much through the shapes and styling of the letterforms as the actual words that they join to form.” 


Steele uses unusual paper folds, pop-ups, and other moving parts. Movable pages, unconventional bindings, and unique perspectives are an integral part of his process, directing how the reader interacts with the material through manipulation of the structure. 

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