Snackable Design: When Taxidermy Meets Jewelry by Reid Peppard.

One of the hallmarks of a true creative professional is when an artist follows a passion. Reid Peppard clearly has a penchant for animals, taxidermy and jewelry. Her fascination with taxidermy led her to study the craft under a master taxidermist in Yorkshire England. In 2008 she opened a London-based studio to mix her three loves under a moniker RP/Encore. 

She creates bespoke ethical taxidermy artworks and jewelry based on intricate casts of the teeth, bones and organs of the animals she works with. The animals used for taxidermy items have died from natural or unpreventable causes.

Her first collection called ‘VERMIN’ is inspired by Peppard’s interest in the animals who scavenge from the excesses of London. She has transforms rats, mice and pigeons found on the streets of London into a collection of taxidermy headpieces, necklaces and cuff links forged from sterling silver and leather.

The PARK collection continues the exploration of London’s urban wildlife focusing on the heart, bones and jaw of a grey squirrel; the tongue, talons and bones of a carrion crow; the teeth, jaw and toe bones of a red fox.

The PET Collection is inspired by and cast from a Bunny, a Cat and a Canary, and features articulated jaws, hinge free lockets and semi precious stones.

All images © Reid Peppard.


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