Something to aspire to: White House Post creates the model for "about us" corporate videos.

Creating an informative, entertaining i.e. valuable, "about us" video is a formidable task for most companies. Over my 25 years in marketing and advertising, and in my work with over 100 emerging companies and established brands, I have seen my share of poorly or overly produced, dull or trite, too short or too long, amazingly irrelevant corporate videos.

Recently I was introduced to White House Post, a production house in London-Chicago-New York and Los Angeles with one of the most valuable "about us" videos I have seen in a long time. It is well written, edited, produced and narrated. And, it tells us what we need to know about White House Post in an interesting, compelling, entertaining...valuable way.

Something to think about when you are asked to put together your next corporate video.

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