Star Wars Identities: “The Forces that Shape Us”

Whether you’re 5 or 55, the lure of “Star Wars” is unmistakable. It’s a textbook example of hero-archetype themes that have multigenerational appeal. The characters explore themes of personal identity, enabling us to immediately connect with heroes, and the dark side. 

Who not among us doesn’t remember the first time we saw the film, introduced over 35 years ago. In its day, it caused frenzied crowds at movie theatres who lined up days in advance to see the first screenings of each in a series.

And now, a much-anticipated interactive museum exhibition is set to open in Montreal, featuring ‘Star Wars Identities’, including a just released a new set of posters of six Star Wars Characters. As viewers of the work, we are left to draw inspiration from each character’s individuality, and the power of their archetypical definitions.

The exhibition will feature costumes, models and artwork from the films and promises a "complete interactive immersion into the world of Star Wars".

After it’s Montreal run, the exhibit moves on to Edmonton, Alberta Canada on October 27.

Source: Star Wars Blog


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