SUNDAY IN SHORTS: Gillian Jacobs in It’s Not You, It’s Me.

We’ve all been there—when the once adorable quirks of the one we love turn annoying. It gets to the point that you just want to brutally kill them every time they smack their gum, cough without covering their mouth, or clipping their nails at the dinner table. In “It’s You, Not Me,” Gillian Jacobs (from the TV show Community) is annoyed by every sound her boyfriend makes. It all leads to absurd-but-believable actions in this extremely dark comedy.

The short film has a Coen Brothers feel where nasty, sadistic, immoral acts are juxtaposed with a humor that is based on absurdity. The film balances believability with the unthinkable.

The film, directed by Matt Spicer was shown at this year’s SXSW film festival and has components that will shock you, and make you laugh.

Please enjoy the hilarity, brutality and utter unbelievable events of this Sunday in Shorts.

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