The First is a film about a guy coming to terms with himself and his sexuality. In reality, it is about a series of firsts, and how sexual and emotional intimacy—and how is makes us feel, helps us find ourselves. At “first” our protagonist Drew is experiencing the romantic intimacy of a girl, and we start to believe that this film will be about the love, and first experiences between Drew and his first girlfriend. But then we are jolted into Drew’s bedroom where he has having a “first” with a boy. The First is about how every partner—male or female, blonde or brunette, etc. etc. can resonate as a “first.” Each “first” provides exhilaration, lust, regret, shame and happiness, as Drew explores who he is and what he loves. The film is not about gay or straight, men or women, but about individual discovery. It’s a perfect, Sunday in Shorts.

The First from James Sweeney on Vimeo.

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