SUNDAY IN SHORTS: Thirteen or So Minutes.

Short films offer a platform to address themes sometimes not broadly discussed. Sometimes they bring up topics that make us feel uncomfortable, or feel connected.

But whether we are made to feel comforted or uncomfortable, good short films make us feel.

Brenden Brill’s Thirteen or So Minutes does just that—it makes you feel. The main (and only) characters, Lawrence Jefferies and Hugh Greerey (Played by Nick Soper and Carlos Salas) have just met. They both have girlfriends...they're both straight. Thirteen or so minutes later, however, something's happened and things have changed. It is extremely well acted, written and directed—and definitely worth the thirteen of so minutes it takes to watch the film. The theme of two men exploring their emotions after somehow falling into bed together—even though neither considered ever having sex with a man as part of their character, jolts the core of the viewer’s own sexuality. Perhaps it will you feel uncomfortable or connected—or both.

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