Swedes Know Best. Take a Look at Their 7-Eleven Brand Redesign.

Swedish design is known for its clean, cool lines. So it is no surprise that the folks in charge of 7-Eleven stores in Sweden wanted to take another look at the convenience store’s rather cheesy and tired look, and rebrand it. 

The deconstructed brand look still clearly evokes the 7-Eleven branding but in a far more modern way. They kept the core graphical elements of the brand—the green and orange colors, and the number 7, and removed the staid old look familiar that has been around for decades. It is a strong graphical look that elevates the brand.

The previous look (and the one still used in the rest of the world screams “cheap” and “1970’s gas-station-rest-stop” but not in a cool, retro kind of way. It also does not work well in the visual tsunami of stores filled to the rafters with products and merchandising. We can only hope the design will cross over to the States sometime soon.

Source: Fast Company Co. Design

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