HOUSE PORN: The Beatles’ Rotating Party House in Palm Springs.

Have you ever had “the spins” after a night of drinking? In the D'Angelo House just outside of Palm Springs the spins are a regular occurrence.

Built in 1963, the house has a rotating mechanism that allows the house to complete a 130 degree turn in 15 seconds, allowing you to have a different view on the world in a touch of a button.

The house is small—857 square feet and has a highly unusual shape, making it quite a novelty item.

The house was built by LA businessman Floyd D'Angelo of the Aluminum Skylight and Specialty Corporation, who worked with an aerospace engineer to build a house that would show off one of his products, according to modernhomesla.

The home sits on a cement block skirting and rests on sixteen struts with rubber tire casters on an annular rail positioned above a concrete slab. The rotating mechanism is electronic and originally sported a solar-driven motor.

Adding to the uniqueness of the property, lore has it that the Beatles spent time partying at this house in 1965 while on tour in the U.S.

The house is currently on the market for a mere $279,000. Novelty, history, and “the spins” are included in the asking price.

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