The Best Summer Films are Not Always the Hollywood Blockbusters

Sandra Bullock, Vince Vaughn, Ryan Gosling, Matt Damon, Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman and of course Jennifer Aniston all have summer blockbuster films headed to theaters. But what of the other summer films—those less-noticed but potential sleeper-hits? They’re the ones to really look out for. Here are five summer films that have caught our attention.

The East

The East is all about revenge. “Lie to us, we’ll lie to you. Poison us, we’ll poison you. Spy on us, we’ll spy on you. This unique sci-fi thinker-film features Ellen Page and Alexander Skarsgard. It’s about terrorism—American corporation-style.

A Hijacking

This is a fictional pirate tale of a Danish cargo ship which must endure a Somali pirate hostage attack in the Indian Ocean. Suspense and action ensue.

The Bling Ring

This is a real-life tale which could only happen in Hollywood. The Bling Ring is Sofia Coppola’s latest film about a band of fame-hypnotized high schoolers who rob celebrities like Paris Hilton and Orlando Bloom while they’re out clubbing and posting their whereabouts on Facebook and Twitter—assuring the robbers won’t get caught—until they do. “Girls, time for your Adderall…”


The Way, Way Back

Here’s one of those coming-of-age films that’s perfect for summer. Just when you think the awkward tween boy could only be headed for years of therapy and a career as a lonesome independent software developer (sorry friends), he meets a group of people who see him for the wonderful kid he is. I know I will cry through this one from start to finish. With Steve Carrel, Sam Rockwell, Toni Collette, Allison Janney and Maya Rudolph—how could this film not be on the top of your list?


Amanda Seyfried is the infamous 1970s porn star Linda Lovelace. Lovelace was best known for her part in Deep Throat, in which her character’s role is self-explanatory, and for her subsequent transformation as a feminist and anti-pornography figure.

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