"The Chairman” Episode 3: New York Writes Itself with a ridiculously Large Bicycle—a modern day Penny-Farthing.

“The Chairman” is a bi-weekly webisode series presented by Village Voice and New York Writes Itself staring actor Kevin Conway as The Chairman. Conway reads the best and most impactful excerpts from the official New York Writes Itself script from his iconic chair at various locations throughout New York City.  

Here is NYWI's The Chairman. Episode 3 created by Leo Burnett NY, titled 'Modern Day Penny Farthing.' It tells the story of a guy on a ridiculously large bicycle riding along 9th Ave. His bike has been custom built to be triple the height of a standard bike. He looks like he’s riding a modern day Penny-Farthing, towering over cars as he moves with the traffic. As he rides through the intersection, a woman in her 60′s is crossing the road. In a thick New York accent she says to nobody in particular – “Look at this asshole”

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The Chairman Episode 3 - "Modern Day Penny Farthing" from NewYorkWritesItself on Vimeo.




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