The Creatives Project by Photographer Mike Hipple

Mike Hipple is a Seattle-based photographer who has been working on a series of portraits of creative people—people he admires, who have inspired him, or strike a nerve creatively.

Mike’s “Creatives Project” started as a personal assignment to keep his eye fresh. “I had been doing quite a bit of freelance work, mostly for magazines and such, and then the recession hit,” remembers Mike, “And then we adopted a baby. Life was topsy-turvy there for a while, a lot of sleepless nights up with a baby and little free time to work on marketing to make up for the loss of freelance work from the recession. I needed a project I could work on to keep me feeling somewhat in the loop.”

Mike has worked for national publications (Organic Gardening, National Geographic, Sunset Magazine) and some commercial clients, too (Microsoft, Seattle’s Best Coffee). But for the Creatives Project, he turned to musicians, performers, directors, architects, artists and many more creative professionals.

“Most of what I had worked on was portraits and I knew a lot of artists so I started photographing some of them.  Then, I started developing a ”wish list” of sorts of some of the people I admired and who gave me some creative inspiration.  I scheduled a trip to New York and started reaching out to some folks.  To my amazement, some of the folks I spoke with agreed to be photographed, one of the first being the designer Chip Kidd, someone whom I’ve admired and looked up to for a long time.”  Mike has kept going with the project, making trips to Los Angeles, Austin, and San Francisco. “I have been floored by the one common thread amongst all of the subjects I’ve photographed: how extremely kind and generous these folks are.  These folks don’t know me but are willing to take time out of their crazy busy schedules just to have a portrait taken.  I feel very lucky with the progression of how this project has been going.” Mike hopes to develop this into a book project in the coming year. 

You can view more of Mike's portfolio here. 

Actress and Writer Lauren Weedman

Designer Chip Kidd

Artist Mike Simi

Aaron Roden, host of AirRaid Podcast

Performer El Vez

Set Designer Matthew Smucker

Charlie Todd


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