THE EYE CANDY: keeping an eye on design at THE FIVE-STIR.

THE EYE CANDY is a visual feast. Whether for commerce or art, we examine the creative professions with an eye on design.

We profile artists, boutique design agencies, photographers, architects and fashionistas. We celebrate logos, typographers and type designers. We celebrate the attention-to-detail in the curve of the new IPhone and the dimple of sheet metal on the latest Mini Cooper or Tesla sedan. We believe in industrial design, web design, graphic design and illustrative design—to say nothing of visual arts, performance arts, fine art photography. THE EYE CANDY points out exhibits and competitions, and tips its hat at the historical figures who have defined our modern visual sensibilities. We bow to Bauhaus, marvel at modernism, and advocate the avant garde.

We also believe that eye candy is influenced by sight, sound and motion and embrace music, video and film as part of our world.

 EYE CANDY is all about stimulating your senses, and keeping you up-to-date, inspired and entertained.

 We hope you’ll like what you see.

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