PRO-PORTRAIT: The Family Crest--Orchestral Indie Rock for the love of music.

Liam McCormick and John Seeterlin didn’t start out thinking The Family Crest was going to be a band. They were led to it by a philosophy, and a drive to create music—just for the sake of making music.

Their vision has evolved a bit over the years. They’re now a recording and performing band with over 275 “extended family” members, but they still hold true to their core musical DNA.

They want to see their music affect people, and affect the industry. “We think the industry could be more collaborative, with artists, and musicians work a little more with each other,” says Liam.

Not more than a couple of years ago, Liam and John were playing in a band whose mission was to be rock stars. The band was, in their opinion, trying to be famous at the expense of the music. But Liam and John had other goals—to make music they were proud of.

They quit the band and decided, as one last hurrah before finding another career, to set about recording some music they could share with their kids one day—to explain what daddy had done for five years during his twenties.

They posted some flyers to see if they could recruit 10 musicians to participate. One hundred musicians responded. “Which was awesome, and a little overwhelming at the same time.” Liam recalls. 

The Family Crest was born.

Slowly but surely, The Family Crest has evolved from a last hurrah project into a life’s ambition for Liam, John, and what they call their “extended family”—hundreds of artists who perform—some occasionally, some frequently as part of an Orchestral Indie Rock performance and recording band.

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