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Welcome to THE FIVE-GEST. Each week we'll highlight FIVE of our favorite recent articles on THE FIVE. This week, I'd like to call your attention to a series of profiles of successful, and up-and-coming creative professionals. Artists, musicians, photographers, and comedians, all leaning on their right brains to build successful careers. The common threads? A clear understanding and commitment to their passion; smart business sense; and a dedication to being the best they can be. All are in dogged pursuit of what drives them creatively.

First up, PROFILE #1: the indie rock band, Goodnight, Texas...

“Goodnight, Texas” Same, Same, But Different.

It takes commitment, and a long-road view of a career in music to start a band. Avi Vinocur and Patrick Dyer Wolf are the driving force behind the band Goodnight, Texas, along with Jonathan Kirchner, and Andrew Laubacher. Their music fuses Indie Rock and Folk, with a clear sense of Soul, and an Appalachian flavor reminiscent of the Civil War era. The fusion of styles works for them, and their audiences...Read more here.


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