The Five-Gest: From Wooden Bow Ties To Electric Motorcycles, Things You Shouldn't Have Missed.

This week's goodies are too good to miss. Check out everything from Lit Motor’s self balancing motorcycle-car hybrid; to Dodge's ‘God Made a Farmer’ commercial (so go buy a truck); and get wood; no, not that kind silly. Here are five articles you shouldn’t have missed.

1) Five Articles That Inspire Me (And Might Do The Same For You)

Five Thôt columnist Rocky McGredy brings you inspirational articles from around the web that may change your life in ways you wouldn’t expect. Sometimes we all need a reminder to think differently.

2) An Electric Motorcycle That Drives Like a Car - Lit Motors C-1

My wet dream of the year is the C-1 from Lit Motors. Clocking in at a top speed of 100mph, reaching 200 miles per electrical charge and carrying gyroscope technology that allows it to stay upright at a stop, this motorcycle-car hybrid could be the vehicle of the future.

3) Generation Y Is Not Who You Think They Are. Here Are 10 Traits of the Millennial Generation

Think you know those unapologetic, poor mannered hipsters of tomorrow? Think again. Dave Ibsen sets the record straight with a few key characteristics you may find surprising. Not all of us are self-entitled rebels of the new Millennia.

4) Five Things Made of Wood

The 70’s are gone and we no longer use wood as an awful accent wall in the living room; on the contrary, we now use nature’s bark for everything from mahogany eye wear to white oak wallets and bamboo bikes. Check out the goods are sport some wood.

5) I Hated The Dodge Ram “So God Made A Farmer” Commercial

The Super Bowl has long been known for it’s bombardment of over the top advertising campaigns. This year was no different and we take a look at American car manufacturer Dodge and their latest attempt at influencing your buying ability by using God tugging at your heart strings via good old fashioned American farming, because football and America and fck-yeah!

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