THE FIVE READS: "Hippopposites" for the Designing Toddler with an Eye for Design

We at THE FIVE believe that having an eye for design takes early training. So, if you know a toddler or two (ages 1 and up) who you think might grow up to be a designer, you might want to check out a new children’s book by French graphic designer Janik Coat. Hippopposites is a sophisticated learning tool that offers opposite comparisons that not only teach “light” and “dark” and “big” and “small” but also such concepts as “free” and “caged;” “visable” and “invisible;” and “clear” and “blurry.” The book is humorously illustrated with a graphic and lovable red hippopotamus, natch. Bold colors and surprising die-cuts and textures spice up this elegantly engaging board book.

Oh, and while you’re at it, you might check your child’s college savings fund. RISD is expensive.

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