THE HIP-STIR #7: Two fluds, the second toy story's demise, an alarm that makes your day, and a "forward" thinking film festival (walk into a bar)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, it's time once again for that wonderful weekly digestible dose of curated cool that we like to call THE HIP-STIR. It's hip. It's stirring. It's title is a play on words. What's not to like?

THIS WEEK: Two things with the same company name (sort of); Flüd watches, and, The Day Maker Alarm Clock, The Focus Forward Film Festival, and Toy Story 2 Almost Vanishes.

Not to Be Confused with the "Social Magazine" company, these guys sell watches

Don't worry guys, I think it's pronounce "flewed" and not "flood." Anyway, Flüd watches is a company that aims to bring the people fashionable watches, at fashionable prices. Fashionable meaning cheap. I'm pretty sure those words are synonymous. At least they should be. Check out Flüd's website, and see for yourself! There's a ton of designs, and most are priced at under 100 dollars. Or, if you're a super bargain shopper, you can head over to Fab in the next one day and seventeen hours to get one for 50.

A Company with the Same Name on the Next Page.

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