THE HIP-STIR #7: Two fluds, the second toy story's demise, an alarm that makes your day, and a "forward" thinking film festival (walk into a bar)

Not to Be Confused with the "Watch" Company, These Guys Are a Social Magazine

I deny any allegations that indicate my inclusion of this site was anything but coincidental. It's not like seeing the watch company reminded me of this website, or anything. I was planning on including both the entire time, and was shocked to see the mistake I had made when I posted these on the same page. Anyone who calls me a liar shall be deemed unpatriotic. Okay, fine. The watch company reminded me of this beta (ooooooh, trendyyyyy) site, but this site has nothing to do with watches. For those of you familiar with Flud for your iPhone/iPad/AndroidWhatever, is the desktop web app of this app. I've been toying around with it for a few days, and it seems quite promising. You better innovate fast, Flipboard/Zite/Pulse/The Daily/AOL Editions/any other "social reader" company that I missed, because Flud's comin for ya.

iPhone Toast on the Next Page. No idea what that is? CLICK THE ARROW.

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