THE HIP-STIR #3: The Jammypack, Contego, 8-Bit Google Maps, Captain Picard and "The Hipster Games"

Hello again, and welcome to the third edition of THE HIP-STIR; a weekly revue of trendy things from around the web. This week in hipness: The Hipster Games, The Jammypack, 8-Bit Google Maps, Contego Eyewear's Spring 2012 Lookbook, and Send Captain Picard to Space.

Eating is one thing, but what happens when your originality is at stake!?

Given the recent Hunger Games madness, it's only appropriate that someone somewhere parodies that concept. At least once. Given that I live in the land of hipsters, this one made me chuckle. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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