UPDATE: The Normal Life of a Super Hero by Ian Pool.

UPDATE: Ian recently added the Man of Steel to his Super series. We couldn't resist sharing this image...

Photographer Ian Pool’s Super series is based on a subject that's been around in comics for sometime—the human side of super heroes, But the emphasis in comics is more in touch with social and moral dilemmas than it is about them being fallible and normal like everyone else. Ian says his series is anti-heroic in a way in that it examines objects and idols of celebration and reminds us that not everything's so super about them. “Not only that but we don't get to see everything that goes on in their lives, only the glamorous, heroic, and epic elements. But really, there's only so long you can swing around New York before you need to take a piss.”

For the series, Ian gathered together some ideas for some of his favorite heroes, got to shooting some locations, and fit them all together into different scenarios.

“Some are rather reflective of their character: the world's greatest detective in a donut shop, but some of them are a little outlandish like Vader on the toilet reading Today's parent, or Doc Oc having a thing for twilight. It's likely not the side that you'd want to see of your hero, or even something you'd expect of them, but it is important to keep your head about what you so submissively admire. We all think we know our celebrities and heroes inside and out, but no matter how many articles, stories, comics, or bios we read we'll never be a true part of their life, and we'll never get to see it from their perspective, so be willing to accept what you come to know, regardless of whether it's something we want from them.”

You can check out the full series here, along with more images by Ian Pool.

Spider Man 

Wonder Woman


Incredible Hulk

Doctor Octopus

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