The Puma Dance Dictionary – dance the things you dare not say.

Before there were words, texts or tweets, there was body language, and dance—the ability to speak with our bodies. The Puma Dance Dictionary is a new language of dance created to launch the new Puma Sync Fragrances for men and women. And the Dance Dictionary translator helps you take dance moves and translate them into dance sentences.

Puma Fragrances collaborated with a host of the world’s best freestyle dancers including Storyboard P, King Charles, PacMan, Ron Myles AKA Prime Tyme and Krumpers Big Mijo, Outrage and Worm and A-List Choreographer, Super Dave for this innovative program.

At the website, the Dance Dictionary Translator takes words and translates them into dance moves. You can put together words (moves) and edit them into phrases and sentences in a video. This video can then be shared on social networks or e-mailed to someone directly.

It is a social tool that lets people dance the things they would dare not say. 

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