The Skivvies’ Video "Harbody Howdown" by Augusten Burroughs Combines the Filthiest Rap and the Prettiest Twang.

We admit it. We love a good publicity stunt—a gimmick—a draw. And, the musical group “The Skivvies” is all that.

The band covers pop songs in acoustic performance, wearing skimpy lingerie and briefs—their “Skivvies.”

Lauren Molina and Nick Cearley are the core duo of The Skivvies—both are Broadway actors. They play cello, ukulele, guitar and even the glockenspiel, and are sometimes joined by other Broadway performers in their videos and live performances.

They even recruited best selling author Augusten Burroughs to direct their latest video "Harbody Howdown" to add just a little more newsworthiness to the group.

"Hardbody Hoedown" is a parody-medley of hip-hop songs about body parts with a bluegrass tone. "The mashups we’ve been doing at our live shows naturally led us to our parody single, 'Hardbody Hoedown,' where we give the filthiest rap the prettiest twang," Cearley said in a statement.

"What's new Pussycat?"


Prepare yourself for some NSFW lyrics in this video about body parts. Be careful not to play this in public—its all about your privates.

You can view the video over at Buzzfeed or see a live performance below.

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