Top 10 Men’s Fashion Essentials for Summer

Guest Author Jason Smith is Vice President of Products and Merchandising for Trunk Club. Trunk Club scours the planet for the very best in men’s apparel and curates an ever-evolving assortment of pieces from their favorite designers. Trunk Club is for busy guys who want to look good, but don’t have time or knowledge to upgrade their wardrobe. They put men in touch with a stylist who sends them awesome clothes that reflect their style and suit their needs—like these…

1). Madras Shirts

Madras originated in India, where British soldiers adopted the highly breathable, loose-weave fabric for relief from intense heat. But the enlisted Brits never had a pattern that looked like this.

2). Polos

Leave the logoed versions for the golf course or the tennis court. A clean, well-fitting polo is a great elevated yet casual look for guys during the summer months.

Scott James Polo

3). Shorter Hemlines

The days of baggy boardshorts hitting below the knee are long gone. Inseams are rising for a neater, but still decidedly masculine, presentation.

4). Linen Pants

Given its longer fiber structure, linen can be woven with a looser construction. Bottom line: linen pants give you more breathability during the summer season. Plus, linen has a natural ability to wick away moisture. Your first choice for great summer pants.

John Varvatos Garment Dyed Linen

5). SWIMs

One of my favorite shoes for summer, SWIMs are a product of Norway. A classic loafer interpreted in a very fun and playful way, these shoes have a breathable construction that’s perfect for heat.

Onia Swim Trunk

6). Lightweight Layering Pieces

It still gets cool in the evenings, and it can get downright cold near bodies of water—so don’t forget about summer layering pieces. We recommend lighter, breathable versions in either cotton or cashmere. 

LAD Paddle Boat Sweatshirt

7). Colorful V-Neck T-Shirts

More guys should wear v-neck tees. The distinct neckline elongates the torso, making guys appear taller. Paired with a great pair of jeans, it is a very simple, yet stylish, look.

8). Unstructured Blazers

It’s very difficult—but not quite impossible—to strip the lining and padding out of a blazer and still have it drape perfectly. Luckily, some brands have mastered the technique. With a top-class unstructured blazer, you can still look put together no matter how hot it gets.

9). White Pants

We advocate wearing white pants year-round, but they are especially good during summer. White looks good with any color, and we expect a lot of hype around white pants when The Great Gatsby hits theaters.

10). Chivalry

Heat tends to make people hot-headed. It’s an understandable connection, but nothing is more stylish than a well-mannered man. Self-control and respect are always in season, and make a guy look better than any piece of clothing ever could.

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