Top Five Memes on Instagram—Our Filtered View

We love to trend-spot on Instagram.  We are constantly on the lookout for image themes—memes, that seem to strike a cord with the Instagram community. We’ve seen endless selfies—of feet, of hands, and of other body parts. We’ve spied the ubiquitous nature of VW Vans, and spyglasses, and eyeglasses. We try to capture our favorites—all beautiful in their own way, in a weekly column called Filtered Views as part of our Weekend Edition each Saturday and Sunday. Today, we bring you a summary of some of our favorite memes on Instagram.. 

1). Foot Selfies

We see feet everywhere we look on Instagram. There are bare feet, Converse-clad feet, and feet that dangle from high rise buildings. We say that Instagrammers must have a Foot Fetish. 

2). Jumpstagrams

We love the Jumpstagram craze--the trend of taking images of people (many self-portraits) jumping in the air, snapping a photo, and posting to Instagram. Here are four articles we recently posted demonstrating the ubiquitous nature of the Jumpstagram craze. Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four 

3). VW Van Spotting

The VW Microbus was an icon of the 1960’s hippie movement, of California surfer culture, and served as camping vehicles, panel vans and ambulances. Simple in design, they became iconic in their stance. So it is no wonder that the game of van spotting has become a meme on Instagram. We see Microbuses everywhere--especially here and here.

4). Staring at Stairs

Look! Here are people who are staring at stairs. They're here. They're there. They are everywhere. There is something about a flight of stairs— as we rise or descend them, they take us places beyond their horizons and our imagination. There is amazing symmetry in a flight of stairs. At different perspectives, shadows are created, and lines are drawn. It is no wonder there are so many of us who turn our cameras in their direction. Instagram gives us a huge cache of images looking at stairs from different perspectives. 

5). From What I See

It is perhaps one of our favorite memes--the view of what someone else is seeing on Instagram. Often tagged #FromWhatISee these images are snapped looking at the back of someone's head, looking at something else in the distance. Odd. Wonderful. Our Filtered View.


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