Top Five Most Annoying Memes of 2012.

Here's a countdown of the top 5 most annoying memes of 2012. Someone please stop the madness...please.

5). Call Me Maybe. Carly Rae Jepsen’s bubble-gum pop song has been viewed on YouTube nearly 400 million times, and has spawned all kinds of parodyand tribute cover versions. 

4). McKayla is not impressed. 
During the 2012 Olympics, gymnast McKayla Maroney scored a silver medal in the vault competition. A photograph of her facial expression on the award podium has turned into a global meme, and a Tumblog. 

3). Pinterest. Suddenly, at the end of 2011, Pinterest exploded and continued to spread like lava from a volcano across most of 2012. The site grew 400% in just four months. It seems everyone—from sewing circles to political figures has a board on Pinterest. The biggest question—why? 

2). Binders Full of Women. During the presidential debates, Mitt Romney spoke about his efforts to hire women for his cabinet and mentioned the phrase "binders full of women." The meme machine started before the debate was over, and “Binders full of women” started trending on Twitter. Not long after the debates, many people were spotted dressed as a "binder full of women" for Halloween. 

1). Gangnam Style. The song was released in July 2012 and by December 25th had been viewed more than a billion times on YouTube. Parodies abound. Yes, it was impossible to escape Korean rapper PSY’s and his oddball hit "Gangnam Style." Oh, and if you didn’t know, Gangnam is an affluent region of South Korea similar to Beverly Hills—a city where PSY just recently was able to buy a home, thanks to the #1 most annoying meme of 2012. 

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