Top Five Photographers of 2012.

1) Performance Photographer Bob Barry: Photography Is About Getting To Know People

Multi talented Bob Barry didn’t start out as a photographer but after meeting renowned photographer Diane Arbus, Barry’s view of the world had changed. “What I learned from looking at her work and getting to know her was that photography was about people…”

2) “Jazzography In Black & White” A Film About Photographer Bob Barry By Dailey Pike

Documentary filmmaker Dailey Pike encourages us to take a look at Bob Barry through the eyes of musical artists, music industry professionals, other photographers and close friends in this behind the scenes look at the late photographer.

3) Grey Crawford Approaches Architectural Photography With A Subtext Of Abstract Painting

Light is a photographer’s best friend. “The light’s beautiful in the west. That’s always captured me.” California native Grey Crawford’s architectural and interior photographs are gorgeous, emulating many styles often seen in painting, not photography.

4) Photographer Richard Gerst: Sensuality In Focus

Making the transition from sensual male photographer into the competitive world of female fashion photography isn’t easy, but Richard Gerst’s eye for beauty and romanticism has him feeling pretty confident.

5) Urban Exploration Photographer Eric Holubow

Known for driving around in search of old churches, movie theaters, and boarded up windows, take time to venture into the decrepit and decaying buildings of America’s Ruins with photographer Eric Holubow. 

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