Trunk Club’s Clothing Essentials for Spring.

Please welcome Michael Barkin as a guest author for FIVE THôT. He is Director of Sales at Men's Outfitter Trunk Club and a regular contributor to the Trunk Club blog

When I talk to a Trunk Club client about the clothes he should have for spring, my suggestions vary depending on the person and his lifestyle. Some things, though, remain consistent across our entire membership. Spring is about clothing that gives you added confidence through color, pattern, fit, and individuality. The following suggestions will work for every guy out there.


You know the adage about having good shoes? Same deal with bags. A man with taste doesn’t carry a black, ballistic mesh messenger bag—especially not one with a corporate logo. The right bag, all on its own, can elevate a guy's appearance instantly.


If your work shoes pull double duty on Saturday and Sunday, consider mixing things up. Give your feet some freedom during spring weekends with a pair of driving loafers, meant to be worn without socks. Extra credit for getting a pair in a bright color.  

Cotton Pants

The days of wearing khaki pants five days a week are long gone. Men are finally reaching for trousers in pink, orange, red, royal blue, yellow, or anything else that makes a statement. Keep the rest of the outfit simple by wearing a solid navy or white top, and you won’t look like you’re trying too hard.  

Light Denim

Denim will never go out of style because of its indisputable versatility. With that said, if your jean selection looks like a dark-navy hole, it’s time to lighten up. Denim that is light both in terms of color and weight will leave your legs feeling cooler—and your image looking lifted.  


Layering isn’t just for fall and winter. An unlined, deconstructed blazer is a core investment piece for warmer months. Focus on tropical-weight wool, or blends that feature cotton and linen. You can wear it for virtually any occasion, whether dressed up or down. For travelers, nothing is more versatile.  


Leather belts are great for winter, but guys often keep them on throughout summer, which is like showing up at the beach in Gore-Tex boots. For spring, you should reserve leather belts for more dressed-up occasions, when footwear and belts need to match. Consider building out your spring rotation with D-ring belts made in cotton and / or silk.  


No other pattern signifies spring like gingham. It’s a happy medium between conservative and bold, and it’s available in a variety of colors, which allows for multiples in your closet. Whether untucked with shorts, tucked in with sleeves rolled, or buttoned up under a suit, gingham shirts have a place in every man’s wardrobe.  

Pocket Squares

When a tie is too formal but you still want to add something extra, throw a pocket square into the mix. The key here is to make sure the pattern complements or coordinates with the other parts of your outfit. If the square perfectly matches—or even worse, is identical to—another piece, you’ve gone too far.

Director of Sales Michael Barkin

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