Trunk Club's Wardrobe Essentials for Dads and Grads

Michael Barkin is a regular contributor to FIVE THôT. He is Director of Sales at Men's Outfitter Trunk Club, the personalized clothing service for men who want designer clothing without any of the hassles of shopping in stores or online. Today, Michael is helping us gear-up for Father’s Day with some advice on how to expand dad’s wardrobe. He also has something for those on the precipice of graduation—tips on how to take things to the next grade up. 

3 Suggestions for Dads

We suggest introducing some energy and newness to his wardrobe while still being age-appropriate.  There’s nothing worse than a seasoned gentleman dressing like a kid who’s still figuring out his major.

Focus on Fit – Clothing fads come and go, and should be ignored. Fit is always the most important thing. Instead of blousy shirts, long-and-boxy sportcoats, and baggy pants, look for classic clothes that fit well.

Deconstructed Jacket – Sportcoats and blazers have come a long way in terms of construction and fit. Every guy should own a lightweight, deconstructed jacket or blazer, especially for the warmer months. These jackets are really comfortable, and while they offer a more casual option than a structured blazer, they still elevate an outfit’s overall look.

Denim – Moms get a lot of flak for “mom jeans,” but dads are just as guilty of wearing unflattering denim. In fact (and you should Google this), President Obama recently got called out for wearing “dad jeans.”  We recommend clean, dark jeans with a slimmer fit that matches the build of a guy’s lower body. The fabric should have a little bit of stretch built into it, for all-around comfort despite the slimmer profile.

Monk Strap Shoe – If a guy already has his basics covered with classic wingtips / cap-toes and a pair of go-to loafers, we recommend branching out. The monk strap is a beautiful shoe that often gets forgotten. This particular style is having a nice resurgence now as guys rediscover how easily it makes a bold, confident statement.

Graduate to these 3 Wardrobe Essentials

Graduating college is a major milestone, and there’s no better way for a grad to celebrate than by starting to dress for the success that lies ahead. Invest in highly versatile clothing that will still look good years down the line.

Always Over Dress – It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Never worry about being the topic of conversation for looking good. Dressing well also makes a statement about work ethic, cleanliness, and overall attention to detail. You know those sweat pants you used to wear to class? A good rule of thumb now that you’re a grad: Never wear them outside the house. 

Navy Suit – A great-fitting navy suit should be the first suit a man owns. In addition to upcoming job interviews, it can carry him through buddies’ weddings, networking events, presentations at work, dates that you really care about., etc. You will have this suit for the next 10 years. Invest wisely.

Wingtips – While your buddies are still stuck with black square-toed lace-ups, get ahead of the game. Cost per wear is something to think about here. If you spend a little more for a quality, timeless pair of shoes, it will ultimately prove to be much more of a bargain than those Pilgrim shoes your buddies are still wearing. 

Briefcase – Backpacks are for children. Grown men carry briefcases. There is a ton of variety out there, but we suggest something that reflects your personality and sense of style. We tend to gravitate towards a timeless look, given that a good leather briefcase will last a very long time.

And, if you're looking for more fashion essentials, check out Trunk Club's summer suggestions.

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