Twins Project by photographer Julie de Waroquies. The same, but different.

After our article on Portriats of Identical Twins got such an amazing response from readers, we thought you might like French photographer Julie de Waroquier’s “The Twins Project” of identicals—both twins and triplets, in almost fairytale-like settings. It is a series of portraits of identical-aged siblings from all kinds of backgrounds. 

“Twins have always fascinated me, and not only because I have a twin brother; they are almost magic, and yet they are real,” says Julie in her artist’s statement.

Once you get over the flashbacks from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining (“Come and play with us Danny, forever and ever and ever”), and wipe the notion that these could be digitally-duplicated rather than real world twins, these images are mesmerizing.

“Indeed, the fact that two people look exactly the same whereas they are not the same person is astonishing. It is like a real dream, or like a miracle. In some past or present civilizations, twins are even considered as gods…or as monsters.”



or Thrice.




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