Usher and Kanye West have diamond watches made in their own image. The price tag? A cool 'quarter million

It was reported back in December, that pop star Usher ordered a special one-of-a-kind watch from watch maker Tiret. The watch is made of gold and diamonds as one might expect of a pop-star's custom-made watch to be.

But it's most distinguishing feature is its portrait of Usher himself, made of diamonds, on the dial.

Either that or its $250,000 price tag.

The watch is festooned with 10 carats of white and yellow diamonds, with many of the 1106 stones helping to create the image of the pop star. It has been featured in an exhibit at London's Natural History Museum.

But now comes word that the one-of-a-kind watch has a little competition--from Kanye West.

It seems that Kayne has commissioned a watch from Tiret as well. It has gold and diamonds too. An, of course, a portrait of Kayne on the watchface, made of 8 karats of yellow, black, brown and white diamonds.

Kanye's bill? A value-priced $180,000--a seemingly bargain price compared to Usher's watch.

He who dies with the most toys wins--as they say.

Sources: PopEater and Consumerism


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