Versace Mansion is For Sale: The Most Infamous House in South Beach.

Perhaps one of the most famous mansions in Miami’s South Beach district is for sale. Currently called Casa Casuarina, the opulent 19,000 square foot house is better known as the Versace Mansion—named for the famous fashion designer Gianni Versace who put a reported $33 Million into its renovation, and who was shot to death on the steps of the home by a serial killer.

Originally built in 1930 by the architect, author, and philanthropist, Alden Freeman, the home has just taken an astonishing price cut of 20% off the  even more astonishing original price of $125 Million.

Yes, you can own this lovely home for a mere $100,000,000.

Infamy included.

The original owner modeled the mansion after the oldest house in the western hemisphere, the "Alcazar de Colon" in Santo Domingo. The "Alcazar de Colon" was built in 1510 by Diego Columbus, the son of explorer Christopher Columbus. Freeman used brick from this ancient house in the construction of Casa Casuarina.

Since its original incarnation, it has been a 30-unit apartment building, Versace’s home, and a boutique hotel.

Versace bought the Mediterranean-style villa at 1116 Ocean Drive in 1992 for $2.9 million. He then spent $33 million expanding and outfitting the property with features like museum-quality al frescos. The property features 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a 54-foot mosaic-tiled pool. Versace hosted lavish parties and fashion shows at the estate.

In 1997, Versace was murdered on the front steps of the mansion by spree killer Andrew Cunanan, after returning home from a walk along Ocean Drive. Cunanan had already killed 4 other people during the previous 3 months, and then committed suicide just a week after shooting Versace. Cunanan’s motive for the killing spree is still unclear.

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