FIVE THôT is all about finding what’s happening at the intersection of creativity and commerce. Our goal is to provide you with THôT-FULL wit and wisdom, news and opinions; about leaders, disruptors, and new ways of seeing the world—7 days a week. 

So today, we are introducing a new feature to FIVE THôT—THE WEEKEND EDITION. Think of it as the lighter side of THôT—movie reviews, dating advice, the “week in review” and all sorts of visual treats. We’ll be posting articles with “THE WEEKEND EDITION” banner designed specifically for weekend reading, staring Saturday morning, through Sunday night.

We plan on launching the following weekend-focused columns in the coming weeks. And, It you have any suggestions on weekend topics, please shoot us an email.

Here’s a sample of the columns you’ll see during the coming weekends:

  • “Confessions from a Wing Girl.” Dating advice from Marni Kinrys and the Wing Girl Method.
  • "Autorotica." David Allen Ibsen has a lifelong obsessions with the automobile. In fact, it's an obsession. Make "Autorotica" your weekend obsession.
  • "House Porn." We love architecture and design. You should to.
  • “Do a Little Happy.” Five things that can improve your daily happiness in life.
  • “FIVE-GEST.” A summary of five of our favorite articles that you shouldn’t have missed.
  • “FIVE-READS.” Reviews of our favorite bedside-table reading material.
  • “You Gotta See This” Our take on the best viral videos of the week.
  • “Let’s Get Weird” Fabulous finds from the Tumblr universe.
  • “FIVE THôT Film Finder” We search the film vaults for movies, shorts and documentaries you shouldn’t have missed—or must see again.
  • “THôT full Tweets.” We love our Twitter followers. We comb through our community each week and uncover some of our favorite tweets.
  • “Food for THôT.” From Food Trucks to Foie Gras Burgers—we search the globe for our favorite foodoe treats.
  • “Let’s Get Drunk.” Vodka infusions, orange-laced beer—we’re
  • “Kickass Kickstarters.” Muscians, technology start-ups, even a bakery looking to fund their whoopee-pie oven—Kickstarter has some amazing finds. We search through the site to find the latest, almost famous.

We hope you enjoy FIVE THôT: THE WEEKEND EDITION. 

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