A Segway for your feet: spnkix

First there were roller skates, then roller blades, and now comes motorized skates--battery powered, wifi controlled skates that strap on to your shoes. spnKiX would easily fit into a display case at Sharper Image if they still were around your local mall.

Clearly the company put its money into R&D, and not into working with a naming consultant, but the oddly named, and well, odd looking skates seem like a pretty cool personal transportaion device. Retail price: $649.

All hardware and electronics are integrated into a frame made of fiber reinforced nylon. One motor and battery pack per foot.

We think these are a great idea, although we also are fans of the Segway, and we have a pair of roller blades still in our basement.

spnKiX - Production Testing from Peter Treadway on Vimeo.

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