A Whoopie Pie makeover from the Chococoa Baking Company

What comes of of the roadkill collateral damage of the financial crisis? A couple from Maine who lost their jobs at The Provident Bank and Sun Life Financial decided to take being laid-off in stride, and make Whoopie...pies.

Or as entrepreneur Julie Ganong tells it, "The world really needed a smaller whoopie pie, so we decided to do a whoopie pie makeover"

They opened a small business in Maine with the idea of creating the perfect mini-version of the whoopie pie--an old fashioned treat made from two dense cookies sandwiching a fluffy filling.

It all started with a focus group for a taste test, which led to opening the Chococoa Baking Company in 2009. Their bakery now has sales of around 4,000 pies a week, at a price of $1.68 apiece--far less than the $4 cupcake craze sweeping the country. They now have a distribution deal in the works with a regional grocery to expand their businesses. Whoopie!

Julie says "we want to take this as far as it goes...when people think of whoopie pies, they think of Chococoa Baking Company."

 Julie Ganong and Alan Mons are at the intersection of creativity and commerce, and we salute them.

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