Alcohoot: A Breathalyzer for Your iPhone.

Here’s more proof that your phone is really the only thing you need in your survival kit. Alcohoot is an alcohol breath tester that works with your smartphone. It’s small, it’s sleek, and it is just $95.

I used to live in a beach town with more than its fair share of bars, lounges, and clubs. On any given Friday night after midnight, there was little chance than anyone in my 20-something tribe would be in any shape to drive home. And, if anyone of us had the bright idea to get behind the wheel, most of the bars supplied an alcohol breath tester at the end of the bar. Fail, and you’d walk home, take a taxi, or get a lift from a sober friend.

Now there is no need for the barkeep at your local dive bar to supply the bulky and expensive breathalyzer (police-grade devices typically cost $250 and up). Alcohoot attaches to your iPhone. Breathing into the device sends data to the Alcohoot app, and based on an analysis of your age, sex, body weight and height, the results will reveal to you whether it is legal for you to drive or not.

That’s the basic app and device. The bells and whistles of Alcohoot will allow you to alert the nearest cab service (Uber, Lyft or SideCar) with many services offering drunk drivers a discounted ride home if they have had one too many. Or get a map to the nearest restaurant with a payphone (a what?). The device can track your BAC (blood alcohol content) levels over time, and can holler your data at social networks (“hey Facebook friends, I’m drunk again). The product was founded by two ex-Israel military officers, and is headed into production soon.

And you thought your smartphone was just for texting.

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