At the Twitter Town Hall: Possibilities for expansion

Political seasons are always a big opportunity for media outlets to make big money from advertisers through high ratings and placed ads.

For this 2012 election cycle, it looks like Twitter may be the darling of the media circus as they look to expanding their political "Town Hall" environments after a successful Q-and-A session with President Barack Obama.

"We believe Twitter can be a valuable platform for anyone running for office, and look forward to seeing the creative ways campaigns will use the service over the next year," Twitter's Matt Graves said.

Last week’s first-of-its-kind Twitter Town Hall saw President Obama answering 140-character questions submitted by inquisitive souls. it was the first major event that Twitter created for people to tweet about. But probably not its last.

“How can we make Twitter @TownHall better in the future?” co-founder Jack Dorsey tweeted after the event, suggesting more to come. “And not just for the U.S. government, but any government.”

Or any organization in need of connecting with the tweeple of the world.

Source: Adweek

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