AUTOROTICA: 1920’s Santa Barbara Auto Camp Features Airstream Hotel Alternative

In 1922 the Santa Barbara Auto Camp opened as a spot for travellers to spend the night during their trips up and down the Pacific Coast Highway along California’s coast.

And now, over ninety years later, the Auto Camp has added four fixed-positioned renovated Airstream trailers (with a long history of their own) as a hotel-alternative.

The SB Auto Camp is a rather unique RV park in that houses 30 other trailers from varying manufacturers, and several dozen local residents living fulltime at the park – some have called it home for more than four decades.

Airstream began building trailers during the late 1920s. In 1936 the first of the now familiar sausage-shaped, silver aluminum Airstream trailers was introduced.

The vintage Airstreams at the Auto Camp have been hand-renovated with sustainable construction methods and materials by local Santa Barbara architect Matthew Hofmann, “Each Airstream has been uniquely designed to connect yesterday with today, without giving up modern comforts,” says Hofmann. “Our spaces also help connect people with their inner souls and outer environment… and one way we did this was to maintain simple lines and remove the clutter.” 

The Airstreams are now available for nightly rentals online at Rates start at $118/night midweek — weekends start at $150/night.

Source: Tiny House Blog

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