Avert Your Imagination: Alan Friedman’s Backyard Solar Photography.

Some of my favorite days are when I can look up at the Sun. You know those days when there is such a dense layer of cloud between you and our daytime star that you can clearly see the shape of it without being blinded? Maybe that’s just me and the foggy City I live in, but Alan Friedman’s solar photography far exceeds the mild excitement I feel when it’s foggy outside.

Alan Friedman is actually a greeting card maker by day, but you wouldn’t guess that by the looks of his solar artwork. He’s turned his backyard into his very own observatory and produced some breathtaking work, often taking hours out of a day to find and stabilize a shaky image and add color to it, crafting surreal landscapes across our life-giver, the Sun.

It’s quite humbling to view such images that are not produced by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory, but by a citizen astronomer. 

“...Images by an amateur or a citizen astronomer are compelling because they get you off your couch to do something. It makes you realize you can do it too.” says Friedman during his TED Talk. And Friedman has taken on a fun play on DIY - Discover it Yourself. 

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